Noel & Alfie Jane

Hi, my name is Noel, I’m a post-grad trying to figure out what to do with my life. My boyfriend and I live together in our second apartment now with two crazy, smart, ridiculous dogs. (They’re like my children if you can’t tell.) Zuccarello was a shelter rescue he’s the big brother. Alfredsson joined our little family when Zuc decided he hates me and I wanted the puppy to begin with. She’s the little sister, like all little sisters Alfie is rambunctious and annoying and cute all at the same time. Life is an adventure and she’s going to stick her nose in all of it!

Together, Alfie and I have deconstructed an apartment, moved, and redecorated an apartment. She really loves to help. Even if that help is actually making things harder, but it’s fun. We decorate on a budget and everyone that comes in loves the place. I also have a tendency to change things every other week. We also love to cook and I love having a floor cleaner. Crafts are her favorite I think, so much stuff to spread all across the floor and always something to destroy! Planting too, if she can stick her nose on it, in it, and all around it, she loves it! Over the past few months together we’ve picked up some tips and tricks for various things, including not killing each other! (This goes for all four of us.)



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