The Demise of Nursing School

I hated nursing school. Why did mom have to go there and spend forever hours away from me just to come home and ignore me for this stupid computer and books? It was the worst. I guess during Fall semester mom finally saw that too. She was working at both The Dog Lodge and going to school. She looked like crap. I could smell the stress on her. This is mostly why I hated nursing school I think. Mom and dad couldn’t tell but Zuc and I could. She was killing herself. Her stress smells were out of this world. She wasn’t sleeping well because of it. I could sense and smell the pain she was in too. It was worse than normal but she would act like it was nothing.

I made sure to sleep on her every chance I got. It helped to reduce her restlessness when she slept but it also decreased her stress smells.

Then, mom ran out of medicines. She was so busy she didn’t have time to make her yearly appointment with her rheumatologist. He’s like 6 hours away so it’s almost impossible. The panic attacks started but this time they didn’t go away. Then,


I wouldn’t leave her side. She would only get out of bed to take us out to go potty. She started to see a therapist thank goodness. I was so scared for her. We all were. The stress smells got worse, along with the bad smells. Grandmom came down to check on her and made her take a shower for the first time in TWO weeks. Grandmom stayed for a couple days and made her get out of bed. Dad was at his wits end. His stress smells were overwhelming. I knew he didn’t know what to do so Zuc and I tried our best to take care of mom for him. After that the therapist appointments were more frequent.

All of a sudden, mom rearranged the entire apartment. Everything was taken out of the cupboards and all kinds of things were moved! There was so much stuff to get into! We both had fun. I made sure to get into things and look silly so mom would smile at me. I wasn’t sure I’d ever see her smile or show positive body language again! Her break from work was ending and she actually went in! I was so proud of her and so excited for all of the new dog smells that came back on her clothes.

She did not go back to school. She still hasn’t gone back to school. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to be a nurse anymore. I know she would still be a great one if it didn’t take so much from her. She’s so happy now. The Dog Lodge fills her up where nursing empties her. This is a better choice for everyone. I get all the smells and a new place to run around sometimes. Plus, she’s learning how to do dog training now and guess who gets to be the guinea pig! SO MUCH MOM AND ALFIE TIME!!!


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