Summer, Sun, & Sleep

I love the summertime. I get to play outside and swim! When I get tired out from my shenanigans I flop down on the grass or couch and nap my face off until I’m primed to go again. Usually when that happens, Mom’s ready for one too, so we cuddle up together. Speaking of Mom, she’s doing pretty great right now. A lot more tired than usual but we’ve been going for walks and having a lot of fun. Zuc even seems to be super hyper and loving life! He loves the summer even more than me. His favorite pastime is definitely sunbathing, weird, I know.

Mom is switching jobs yet again. We’re all going to miss The Lodge but things were getting out of hand. Now she works at the same place as Dad! For now they get to go to work together. It’s easier for us since they come home at the same time. Mom says not to get used to it though because pretty soon she’s going to switch to nights.

Uh, Mom, hello? You’re narcoleptic!

Dogter Zuc had to clear this one up for me… Narcolepsy doesn’t just mean Mom falls asleep randomly during the day. It actually means that Mom has no sleep cycle! Can you believe that! She’s sorta like me and can sleep all day or all night or even both sometimes. I do get cranky if I don’t sleep at night though. Anyway, in Mom’s case, the neurotransmitter thingies in her brain that tell her body when to release melatonin and other chemicals like it are being destroyed, most likely by her own body. She falls asleep all the time because her body is crazy confused. So, if she just switches her medications and routines, working the night shift should be a breeze!

Then we just have to watch out for Fibromyalgia. We’re not sure how this is going to fit into it all but we’ll see I guess.


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