No Lights? No Problem!

Shortly after we moved in I realized we had lights everywhere else in the apartment except in the biggest room. Even the hallway has TWO light fixtures in it. Our living room was dark. I don’t do dark. The living room changed in a hurry. I LOVE christmas lights. It may have something to do with my being born on Christmas but I think I’d be in love either way. I have christmas lights for my christmas tree, windows, doorways, you name it. Naturally I had a couple extra strings packed up. Well out those came!

And out the door Alfie ran! She was terrified of them, garland too. Over the course of an hour I desensitized her. Then she wore them all over, I couldn’t keep them off of her. I’m super sad I didn’t get any pictures, she was just so cute. I also didn’t want her to electrocute herself therefore it was fried puppy and pictures or happy puppy and no pictures. I think you know which I chose.

I’ve expressed my love of christmas lights, yet how do I hang them so that they don’t look cheap? I have to fill in the holes I make on my own before our lease is over so I’m trying not to make a lot of them. Command hangers just look.. bleh. So what to do?

I had a ton of clothes pins, paint, glitter, command strips, and two strings of christmas lights. Hmm..

Alfie decided they made pretty good chew toys. Yellow was flipped in the air, thrown across the room, chewed a little and then brought back to me covered in slobber. When yellow got boring she came back for more. This kept her occupied while I stuck all of the command strips along the top of the wall. In corners I had to put on each side directly next to each other.

After collecting all of my clothes pins from the jaws of slobber dog I stuck one to each command strip randomly. Now it was time to hang the lights. They had been up high out of Alfie’s reach during the preparation period but now she could grab them and run as she pleased. I ended up stringing myself up in lights just to keep her from tearing them off of the wall. It was a challenge.


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