What’s a hospital?

Dad came up to his parents’ last night so mom drove us over for the night! She’s been feeling a lot better now that she’s not out of her medicines. She was reeeeeally cranky on our way over though. She just kept making comments about me jumping in the pool on our way out to… Continue reading What’s a hospital?

Medications and their many changes

If you’ve read any of my other stories you know that my mom takes lots of medications. Well, we came to grandmom and grandpup’s house so she could de-stress after her major anxiety attacks. (She had one here too) We came for the weekend which has extended into the week. Mom did not anticipate this… Continue reading Medications and their many changes

Dogter Zuc

Hello, I am Alfie’s older (and smarter) brother. I help mom do research and cool things like that online. Yesterday we spent a few hours looking things up about fibromyalgia. First I would like to explain what fibromyalgia is because I know some people don’t really understand. Fibromyalgia is described as widespread pain. That’s a… Continue reading Dogter Zuc