DIY Heart of Memories

One of my favorite decorating tools are pictures. In the past I’ve had a whole wall of cork board and all of my memories (pictures, ticket stubs, ect) were pinned there. Now I have to come up with more creative ways to display them since 1) I rent and 2) I’m a broke college post grad. In my dorm I hung Christmas lights (of course) and used string to hang pictures from them. In my first apartment I had this small cut off blank wall where I hung bundles of string like a clothes line with pictures hanging out to dry on them.

I loved those ideas but the clothes line idea, no matter what changes I made just looked cheap. I don’t like to look cheap even if I am being cheap. I decided to try a wall heart made from pictures. When you don’t want to pay for expensive picture frames you build a picture out of pictures!

picture heart

First attempt I used double sided tape- seems like the perfect idea, right? Wrong. They stayed on the wall for all of 2 minutes then fell into a big sticky pile on the floor where I had to throw a bunch of them out. Not cool. At this point you’re probably wondering, where’s Alfie? Well, she’s picking up the bunched up photos and running around with them. Until she realizes there’s tape and that they aren’t coming out of her mouth because of said tape. She starts to panic. Things get destroyed..

At the last place I lived they used a paint that came off with tape so I could not use command strips and such. Well I did. I used that little trick where you stick painter’s tape to the wall first and then stick the command strip to that. Worked like a charm! So I rolled some strips of painter’s tape up and stuck them to the back of the photos.

I can’t completely take credit for the idea but I can for my design. I basically just played with the photos until they worked together. I have another large wall I’d like to use to play with other designs too!



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