Birthday Glass

This past weekend was one of my best friends’ and my boyfriend’s little sister’s 21st birthday! (Same person, not two people.) I’ve made it tradition to paint the newly 21 year old a glass for their gift. I’ve done 3 so far, my boyfriend’s, my sister’s, and now my boyfriend’s sister’s.

I love making these. I love the looks on their faces when I’ve nailed the design.

Generally I try to keep Alfie away while I paint. She’s a white/golden dog. Colors are just attracted to her! She once ate some of my food coloring jars- the good kind- and had a green belly for almost a week.

I wanted to relax so I set up at the coffee table and sat on the couch. Alfie and Zuc are allowed to get up on the couch as they please as long as they don’t push their boundaries. Alfie got too excited over the paint. Boundaries were pushed. The carpet wore the paint. Although I really can’t blame it all on Alfie. Yes, she got excited which triggered Zuc to get excited but it was Zuc who jumped up and concurrently flipped the paint plate. It shot into the air and he freaked out and ran. If he hadn’t his head would’ve been covered in paint and not the carpet..

Even with the disaster the glass came out perfectly.

To make these I bought bulk glasses off of Stemless Red Wine GlassBeer Glass, and White Wine Glass. There are also a number of other glasses you could choose and they don’t have to bought in bulk. Each of these had a maximum of 6 glasses per case. I really like each of them. They are good smooth glass to paint on and are somewhat durable. When the White Wine Glasses arrived Alfie was still a roley poley little puppy and her cardboard box obsession was only beginning. She crashed into the full box of glasses and only one of them broke. None of them shattered or anything and let me tell you what, she was a rough little ball of fur. That being said, to save money, dollar store glasses work okay too. I just don’t prefer them because they like to break and have deformities in the glass itself making it harder to paint on.

I’ve had the paint so long I don’t remember where I even got it but it’s just basic acrylic paint. Same idea for the paintbrushes and spot tools.

When I finish painting the glass I let it air dry and then bake it. Start with a cold oven place the glass on the rack and allow it to heat to full temp, I usually heat it to about 350 degrees, once at full temp I leave it about 10-15 minutes then turn the oven off and crack the door. Allow the glass to set in the oven while it cools. Once cooled I take it outside and spray it with some gloss or matte modge podge depending on the look I desire.

Also, if you’re anything like my non-crafty sister, you may not want to go through making a glass. In this case I’ve also got you covered! Just visit my Etsy site! Generally I can paint anything you could ask for, if I can’t I will always try to do the next best thing you can think of! The make wonderful gifts! Glasses Transformed


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