Help! Fireworks! 

Today was almost the best day ever. I mean it was a pretty good day just waking up because it’s Friday. That means dad stays home with us tomorrow! On our walk this morning it was suuuuper hot so mom let me jump in the stream and chase the little waterfalls. It’s my favorite thing to do on hot days! Sometimes I just lay down and roll around in the nice, cool stream. I got a little too excited this morning and may have pulled mom in a little bit. Oops! 

When we got home mom gave us treats even though we already had breakfast! Mom did yoga in the sun while I watched (and kinda got in the way). Then I got to chase the broom around! Mom said she was “cleaning” and to “get out of the way” a lot but I think that’s just part of the game. We all took naps until dad got home. 

That’s when the best part happened! We went to the big dog park!! The one where we have to ride in the car first and there’s always a whole bunch of friends to make! I even met the dog gods. They’re these great big dogs. Not to brag, but they totally accepted me. Mom ran around with us too. She picked up her increased dose of Cymbalta the other day and I think she’s ajusting to it well so far! 

After the dog park we went to dad’s brother’s apartment for dinner where I got to play with squeaky toys. And then we got ice cream on the way home!! Zuc loooooves ice cream so we battled the whole way home to get more than the other. It’s fun but mom and dad make us keep it fair. 

Now after that perfect day, there were fireworks. A LOT OF FIREWORKS. I was trembling scared. I even yelled at them to go away a few times. Mom had to hold me and cover me up in a blanket so I’d feel safe. It kinda worked. 


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