Sorry we haven’t been able to post in a while. On Sunday we went hiking. I looooove hiking! There was all kinds of water and even some waterfalls. Mom was supposed to go with us and dad’s sister Steph but at the last minute dad decided he wanted to go too. He doesn’t even like hiking so we thought he was crazy since it was 90 degrees out but we let him come anyway. On the hike back down the trail we stopped to see a waterfall for the second time. I jumped up on the rock wall so I could see better but jumped back down because I thought I’d get in trouble. Turns out mom wanted to get a picture like that so dad bent down to try to boost me back up. Instead of picking me up though he asked mom if I had a tick! A tick!? Can you believe that?! I don’t get ticks anymore, I take medicine for that. When mom bent down to check, dad held up the shiniest tick I’d ever seen! I’m starting to think it wasn’t a tick though since mom grabbed it out of dad’s hand to put it on her finger and was smiling and laughing. Dad asked her if she would marry him and mom was like “uhh, yeah”. I’m not really sure what or who  marry is but they both seem excited and happy. Mom’s been wearing the tick on her finger everyday and now we’ve been planning something called a wedding everyday this week! She keeps saying we don’t have a lot of time because she wants a fall wedding but doesn’t want to wait more than a year.The pictures look boring but mom says it’ll be fun. Plus, I get to be in it! 


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