Grrrandmom and Grrrrandpup’s House! 

We went to mom’s parent’s house for the week! Mom wanted to be able to meet with her mom and dad’s mom to plan the wedding. She also picked out the most beautiful dress! I can’t wait to get dirt on it! While she was out dress shopping and whatever else you do for a wedding I got to play with Flash, Sampson, and the new puppy! 

Flash and Sampson are sorta my age so we’re all big but Bandit is a new puppy. Mom says I have to be careful not to hurt him but he’s the same size as Zuc. I pummel Zuc all the time and he doesn’t hurt. Bandit cries a lot and is reeeally clumsy so I made sure I was careful anyway. We played every day! He even likes to chew sticks with me! First I make him chase me for it because he can’t catch me and it’s fun but then I always chill out and share. 

Zuc doesn’t like him much. Bandit always jumps on his face and it freaks him out. I try to buffer the two of them. Sometimes I think I make it worse. 

Anyway, dad had to go back home for the week to work. I miss him. 


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