Mom has been feeling so much better lately that we’ve been going on walks everyday plus I get to play soccer in the backyard with her after dinner! The soccer ball is my favorite ball out of all of the balls I have! We do cool tricks where mom boosts it up in the air and I volley it with my nose. Mom and dad get so excited over that. The one I like most is when mom tries to dribble it passed me but I stop her. I can read her body like a book, she doesn’t stand a chance. I love love love playing soccer! Zuc always gets upset because he just doesn’t seem to get it. He only ever wants to wrestle. How in the world do you want to wrestle when there is a soccer ball in the yard!?

Anyway, I still give mom annoyed faces because we basically wake up, go for a walk, do yoga, and then she sits down with like a million envelopes (which taste pretty good) and writes on them and puts little stickers in the corners. She’s been doing this ALL WEEK. Oh, and then after she does that for what seems like eternity she goes and falls asleep, sometimes with envelopes in her hands still! For like two or three hours at a time! That’s why she gets annoyed faces. I think she brings us outside for soccer to make up for sleeping so much. At least they work for something. She’s always slept a lot but never this much. It’s actually kind of strange now that I think about it. She is narcoleptic but she takes medicines that prevent her falling asleep like that. We also get tons of sleep at night. Bedtime is around 9 and then we wake up at 5 to help dad get ready for work but then we sleep in until like 8. That’s a lot of sleep for a human, right? Well, whatever is wrong with her it can’t be too bad because at least she’s playing soccer with us again!

IT’S FRIDAY! AH-WOOO WE’RE SO EXCITED!! (Dad gets to stay home tomorrow!)


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