I’m Back!

So I’ve been a mischievous puppy. Mom and dad have been crazy busy so of course I go about my puppy day doing puppy things. Those things include: counter surfing, chewing up the recycling, spreading anything and everything I can find from one end of the apartment to the other!

You may ask, “why are your mom and dad so busy?”. Well, mom is now the MANAGER of The Dog Lodge LLC and dad, well I’m not sure what he does but I know he spends a lot of time there. They’re both working hard to get Zuc and I a yard! I can’t wait! It better be a good one, like Artemis’ yard with lots of trees and squirrels.

Oh. My. Gosh. You don’t even know who Artemis is it’s been so long!

Artemis is my new best friend ever. She’s just like me except she’s a black schnauzer. Her mom is Ana. Mom and Ana both went to nursing school together and now they both work at The Dog Lodge together! (Nursing school was horrible and we just aren’t even going to talk about it. That’ll be a post all it’s own.)

Anyway, I’m back and it’ll be as interesting as ever!



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