Holy. Moly.

Okay, I haven’t been on in quite a while but mom has been suuuuper busy so I haven’t been allowed to use the computer. We’ve been back and forth to grandmom’s house and home and Aunt Stephenie’s so much! I love car rides but sometimes you just gotta be able to lay on the cool hardwood floor of home.

Grandmom is doing great now! There were some complications and its been a long road to recovery but my mom is going to be a great nurse. She goes back to school in a couple weeks so it was good practice for her. I just wish that with her doing such a great job in nursing that she could nurse herself. She had been doing really well for a while but now that things have been crazy she’s been having a lot of migraines and fibro flares. Just this morning another one hit, but it was like a baby flare so she was still able to function all day. Which was a reeeeally good thing since she had a working interview at The Dog Lodge! She came home smelling of all kinds of good stuffs! So many fun pups I wish I could meet. Who knows, maybe someday I will! I haven’t seen mom so happy to leave us and still happy when she got home in a long time. It’ll be good for her. Zuc and I however, we aren’t happy about it one bit.


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