Long time, no bark!

Hello, my name is Alfie. I know mom started this thing about a year ago. She wasn’t herself for a long time but now she’s finally starting to be normal again! We’ve been through a whole bunch of changes since she posted on here last. Have you ever heard of fibromyalgia? It made my mom really boring and sad. She whined and complained. We didn’t even go on our normal walks! Can you believe that? I looooove those things! Dad did everything he could to help her but she just didn’t get better. Sometimes I would climb up on the couch with her and lay on her legs or back. She really liked it. We still do it sometimes when she starts to feel bad again. I like it when I can help. Right now mom keeps telling me to go get this weird little bottle with what sound like treats in them. They must be treats since she opens it up and takes one whenever I get it to her. I get treats too- not her treats, but mine smell way better than hers anyway! I think it’s a pretty cool trick since none of my friends at the dog park know how to do it. I’m such a good dog.

Well anyway, now that I’m like 2 years old and I’m totally mature now (unless I meet someone new or I see a bird or stuff like that) mom told me to take over for her. She wants the world to understand that fibromyalgia is a thing. She also wants them to realize it doesn’t have to rule your life. Mom and I spend lots of time on the computers learning about it. We also try new ways to relieve her pain and give her more energy! She’s also in nursing school now and doesn’t have tons of extra time. If I don’t post for a while again it’s because we’re spending her extra time together playing!


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