Fibro Flares Can Hit Hard 

Mom couldn’t get out of bed again today. I didn’t even try to help her wake up. She was a hot mess even while she was asleep. After dad left for work I did my best to cuddle up close to her and keep her from moving around too much. Zuc was too nervous to stay on the big bed with us so he curled up on our smaller dog mattress (yes we are totally spoiled). When she did finally wake up Zuc came back to the big bed and we both tried to make mom feel better with kisses and cuddles. I had to go bring medicine to her. After a little while she was ready to get moving. It was a late morning and I reeeeeaaaallllyy had to pee. As soon as mom opened the door I didn’t think and darted for the grass, pulling on my leash. Unfortunately mom was still in a lot of pain and I hurt her more. She cried out and I stopped dead in my tracks. She looked at me with such a mean face I was sure I’d be in trouble but instead she just walked into the grass with me and waited while I peed. Then we went for a walk. At the dog park she didn’t play with me like usual. She just occasionally threw the ball and waited by the gate. It makes me sad when mom can’t play with us.

The rest of our day was spent on the couch or laying on a blanket in the sun. I wanted to run around and sniff things but I knew mom needed me. Most of the day I laid on her legs and feet. It’s a boring life but I’ll never pass up a nice nap!

Around dinner time mom took some excedrine- surprisingly it helps sometimes. It gave her enough energy to make dinner and eat! I’m not sure she was able to pack it all up and clean though. We laid down on the couch again to cuddle. I doubt we’ll do much else today. Poor mom, if only kisses made it better.


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