Leading up to Rainy Days

It’s a sleepy, rainy day. I haven’t been on for the past couple of days because mom has been in some serious pain. While she did get on WordPress, she just couldn’t fight through her flare and fibro fog to get anything written down and published! She takes Cymbalta for the nerve pain, Provigil for the EDS (and narcolepsy), and some supplements like vitamin D and B12 (recommended by her doctor). Most days she takes these and feels like a new lady. When she took them on Friday they sorta helped for a little while. Saturday was a whole new realm of pain though. Those medicines she’s been taking for almost a year now did absolutely nothing.

Now while I felt horrible for my mom I still need to go for walks and play. I’m a puppy. I can’t help it. On Friday mom took us to the park but didn’t play with us again. I couldn’t figure out why since it was so BEAUTIFUL out. We cuddled on the couch for a long time but let’s face it I can only cuddle so many days in a row. I brought her my ball and she threw it across the living room. We did that for a while until she couldn’t throw well. That’s when my nose started to search around. Remember, I’m a puppy. I can’t help it. My nose found the garbage and I found a swat. It took mom a couple minutes to get up and over to me though so I did score some pretty tasty leftovers. I felt bad I made mom get up so I cuddled back up with her despite my urge to run around like a crazy-head. Mom did a lot of napping.

Saturday is mine and Zuc’s favorite day of the whole week! Dad stays home with us! He took us for our walk and mom came along. It was another BEAUTIFUL day outside! But she still didn’t play with us much. Once we got home she didn’t move for the rest of the day it seemed. She took Excedrine like it was Beggin’ Strips (I love those things). Dad got her big white thing that’s filled with rocks I think. It smells pretty, like lavender, and he heats up hot. Mom spent the day having dad heat it up and then putting it all over her body, mostly on her neck. The only time I think she got up was when we ran a bath with Camomile Epsom Salts. She soaked for a loooong time while I stood outside the tub lifeguarding. I also attacked some bubbles when she wasn’t paying attention. After that we curled up in bed until dad came in for sleeps. That was when I had to get on my own mattress and mom cuddled with dad instead.

This morning was totally different! Even the weather was different- grey, cool, and rainy. These are the days mom usually seems to feel bad but this morning she felt better than she did yesterday! We did yoga after we woke up. We do this most days except when it hurts her to do. Then mom had to clean the kitchen because dad left such a mess from having to cook for himself yesterday. I like it when dad cooks. I get all kinds of stuff that falls on the floor and then even more the next day when mom cleans. He leaves stuff everywhere on the counters! It’s the best! Now we’re just resting since it’s such a gloomy and wet day. I would looooove to splash in some puddles but mom and dad won’t let me! Maybe I can convince them later on.

Rainy Days TB
This is Tiger Balm. I hate this stuff SO much. I even tried to get rid of it once. Mom LOOOOVES it. On Saturday when she felt so bad she was covered in it. Cuddling with her was difficult. 



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