Mmm I smell cake

Today was dad’s birthday! Mom woke up really late this morning. I tried to wake her up a couple times but even licking her feet did nothing! I knew it would be a struggle day so I tried my very best to be patient for her. She told me to get her medicine but I got confused because it wasn’t in the normal place. I felt really bad but she told me it was okay. We went for our normal walk and I didn’t even pull the whole time. I’m such a good puppy. Usually when we get back on days that mom doesn’t feel good she just lays back down on the couch for a while. When she walked into the kitchen and started doing things I could barely believe my nose! She was baking! She never bakes on struggle days. Normally I would run right into the kitchen when my nose starts smelling. I don’t know how it happens but my nose kind of controls my body. Today I fought the urge to follow my nose. Mom was actually staying up and doing stuff. I didn’t want to be the reason she laid down. Plus if I’m extra good she might share.

I. Smelled. Peanut Butter.

That was it. I lost control of it and my nose brought me right under moms feet. Then my whole butt started wagging and I couldn’t make it stop! She was making the biggest mess ever! I was so excited I just had to get Zuc. We licked and licked and licked until all of the cake mix was off the floors and cupboard doors. Mom didn’t even stop us. She actually thanked us by giving us peanut butter frosting! BEST DAY EVER.

I could tell it wasn’t mom’s best day ever though. She started out strong but was slowing down. I knew she was in a lot of pain. It’s just one of those things Zuc and I can sense now. We sat down at her feet under the kitchen table. She was drawing with frosting on top of cake. It was chocolate cake. I know I shouldn’t eat chocolate but I just can’t help but try to. The smell is soooo delicious. But I wasn’t just talking about cake… I think I was telling you about her pain. As she continued to frost the cake she took breaks. Her fingers and wrists must have been throbbing because she kept shaking them out. She also couldn’t seem to decide if she wanted to sit or stand. This made Zuc and I confused about whether we should sit or lay or stand. Zuc left after a while but I couldn’t leave mom to suffer by herself.

Just before dad got home mom finished the cake. It smelled magnificent. Dad must have thought so too because when he came in he gave mom a huge hug and kiss. I expected mom to just lay down for the night after all that hard work. She did, for a little bit, but then she got up and made dinner. Don’t get me wrong, mom makes dinner most nights, but tonight she was like a zombie. She rarely makes dinner when she feels this bad. I guess she had to though because a bunch of dad’s friends came over. I was in heaven. They all played with me and gave me treats! After dinner mom laid down and dad and his friends took care of things- mostly just the cake things. When everyone finally left I decided mom could use my heat and body weight. I laid down on her legs and will probably stay here until we get up to go to sleep. I hope it comes soon, I’m tired!


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