I Keep Getting Locked Up!

So, on Tuesday, Mom and Brooke wanted to do something fun. It was raining. A nice, sloshy, drizzly rain that I loooove to go play in. Side note: guess who didn’t get to go play in it. Yup, me. Anyway, they decided to go to the mall to get pedicures and watch movies. (Uh, hello, you can do that here and still let me run in the rain!) Mom wanted to see Baywatch and Snatched. They both sound super boring to me. Brooke decided they would see Baywatch first and then Snatched all in the same day, but had to give up their pedicures because Brooke had to go home for work on Wednesday. They locked us up and went on their way. I obviously need to work on my puppy-dog eyes. They don’t seem to be working! I keep getting locked up!

Dad got home before them. Mom came running in from the wrong side of the house! I thought something bad was happening so I got up and ran to meet her. My fur was standing straight up! She started giggling and I knew it was okay so I tried to play with her. She loved it. She told dad she was trying to beat his friend to the door because she realized he was following her and drove super slow. Mom can be a meany sometimes. Brooke came in huffing behind her. She had lots of bags that smelled amazing. So many different smells! I shoved my head right in to poke around and got a swat on the butt. This always happens but I can’t stop myself. Brooke started complaining about how mom couldn’t tolerate sitting in those movie theater chairs for two whole movies so they only ended up seeing Baywatch. Mom smelled a little sick. I could tell her tummy hurt and she was stiff now that all of the excitement was over.

Brooke had to leave right away so she would be home in time for sleeps since she had to work the next day. I was sad and waited at the window for her to come back in for a little while. Mom kept telling me she’d be back but not for now. So we went and made food for dad and his friends- his brother came over too. All they did was play dumb baseball video games. I wish they would go outside and play real baseball. The kind where I chase them is my favorite. But while dad, his friend, and his brother all ate mom didn’t. Her tummy was too upset and she was sore all over. So we crawled into bed and watched Chopped until dad and Zuc came in for sleeps.


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