Please! Increase the dose! 

Mom’s friend Brooke came to stay for a couple days. Zuc and I went sleeps before she arrived on Sunday so we didn’t even know she was here! When the bedroom door opened I burst out into the living room and rubbed my wet little nose allll over her! She smelled like my friend Briley and all kinds of yummy restaurant food! (She works at one) Brooke is fun. I like her. The four of us went for a walk and Mom seemed to be doing pretty good today. But then when we got back they locked us up and left! I could not believe it! 

When mom and Brooke came back they smelled like diner food. DINER FOOD! And they didn’t even bring me any back! I pouted for a long time. They didn’t even care though. They both took a nap! When mom woke up I heard her call the doctor and ask them to increase her dose of Cymbalta. I hope it doesn’t make her too drowsy. When dad got home from work he made them go away. I think he knew I was upset with them. They came back with all of those plastic bags filled with food- none of it was for me though. 

Mom’s groceries compared to Brooke’s beer. She found a lot of kinds that she can’t get at home!

After that, they all left again, even dad!! I couldn’t believe it. I did notice Mom took some Ibuprofen before going outside though. 

Mom and her friend Brooke going to dinner

They did leave us bones and a Kong toy but those just aren’t good enough for me. I wandered around and found those dumb sticks that Mom puts in our mouths to clean our teeth. Zuc and I both HATE those sticks. So, I did what any puppy would do with a stick, I chewed it! I chewed ALL OF THEM. My breath can stink all it wants. I was proud. Of course, then they all got home and Mom found them and laughed. That is not a good sign. That means she has more of them. Then she did the most surprising thing everrrrr, she gave me her left over steak fat! Maybe I should chew those sticks up every time! 

Stick #1 I made sure those bristle things wouldn’t work.

Mom and Brooke sat down on the couch and fell asleep again. I was so disappointed. I hope the doctor does what Mom needs so she can keep up with everything again soon. 



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  1. Love this! Well done! Called in here to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Very much appreciated!

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