What’s a hospital?

Dad came up to his parents’ last night so mom drove us over for the night! She’s been feeling a lot better now that she’s not out of her medicines. She was reeeeeally cranky on our way over though. She just kept making comments about me jumping in the pool on our way out to the car and how I was wet so I couldn’t get on the seats. If dogs could roll their eyes I would. How was I supposed to know that I wasn’t supposed to go swimming before we got in the car?! When we got there she kept telling me to go to anyone but her because she didn’t want to look at me right now. She’s so grumpy sometimes.

This morning we woke up and everyone was happy and talking about the wedding but then mom got a text from her dad that her mom was in the hospital! Dad’s parents’ live in the middle of nowhere so there isn’t any cell reception. Grandpup had texted her last night around 3 in the morning saying the ambulance was coming to get grandmom. Mom freaked out and told Zuc and I that we were staying with dad. I was just sooo in the mood for a car ride! I chased her down the driveway a little bit until dad called me bad and I am not a bad puppy so I stopped right away and went back with him and Zuc.

Mom’s mom had surgery on her gall bladder two days ago. I guess it’s a pretty routine thing and normal people don’t have much to worry about. When they go in laparoscopically they use a camera and tools to take the organ out in a bag through the belly button. So. Freakin’. Cool. When they use the camera they have to fill up her abdomen with gas so they can push other things in there out of the way to see and maneuver their tools. The next few days generally a person passes lots of gas (through flatulence and burping) to get that stuff out of their system. Grandmom was not releasing gas from her body. She was also in immense amounts of pain. When they called the ambulance she could hardly breathe at all she was in so much pain. Guess what. Fibromyalgia sufferers experience the environment around and within them differently than most people. In grandmom’s case she was experiencing intense breakthrough pain even on narcotics because of the hypersensitive nerves in her body. On top of that the natural movement of the muscles in her intestines were still sleeping from the anesthesia. The Cymbalta causes constipation in some people so she may have been starting out with a handicap and then they added the anesthesia and narcotics on top of it and doomed her. The build up of gas plus lack of mobility/motility plus hypersensitive nerves created a cocktail that landed her in the ED.

I haven’t seen mom all day. I hope grandmom is okay.


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